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Taken Hostage By Your Adult Child Synopsis: Do you feel as if you can’t do anything in your own home because of your adult child? Do you feel like you’ve been taken hostage? I’m talking all about being taken hostage by your adult child, and how to stop it in my latest episode.

Highlights Of The Show:

  • Everybody Needs A Little Push: Dear PBB, my son is 32, an only child, and doesn’t have a job so I pay for everything. This is draining my finances and putting a strain on my marriage. What do I do? Help! [2:10]
  • Dear PBB, My son is spending all of my money. No matter what I say, he feels entitled to it and always overspends. What should I do? [11:20]
  • No or Yes: How do you know if your adult child is holding you hostage? [18:16]
  • Ten Minutes of Tears: Feeling drained by your adult child? Here’s what you need to do. [21:15]

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Hosted By: Ellen Stewart

Produced By: Ellen Stewart & Richard Torres

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