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How Much Is Too Much Synopsis: 1 in 4 (around 40 million) Americans has more than two drinks a day. The overuse of prescription drugs is a known public health problem. Both of these issues can negatively affect your life. So how do you know if what you’re doing is risky?

Highlights Of The Show:

  • Everybody Needs A Little Push: Dear Pushy Broad From The Bronx, I don’t understand how people can have a drinking or drug problem? [2:55]
  • No or Yes: How do you know if your drinking or drug use is risky? [12:12]
  • Ten Minutes of Tears: How do we handle addiction? [16:17]
  • I’m Talking Here: If you SEE something, SAY something [20:12]

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Hosted By: Ellen Stewart

Produced By: Ellen Stewart & Richard Torres

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