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The Power of Letting Go Synopsis: If you only know one thing to help you feel less stressed and anxious, it would be how to let go. I’m talking to you about the 4 steps you need to take to let go.

Highlights Of The Show:

  • Everybody Needs A Little Push: Are you sad, angry, or out of control? Are you ready to connect to those feelings? Are you ready to learn how to let go? [1:15]
  • The First Step To Letting Go [3:30]
  • The Second Step To Letting Go [5:13]
  • The Third Step To Letting Go [5:52]
  • The Fourth Step To Letting Go [6:15]
  • No or Yes: Can letting go actually be taught? [8:35]
  • I’m Talking Here: Letting Go is much more than just eliminating negative emotions [12:15]

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Hosted By: Ellen Stewart

Produced By: Ellen Stewart & Richard Torres

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046: The Power of Letting Go