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Relapse doesn’t mean you lose recovery, it means you lose a clean day. In this episode, Ellen Stewart and Dr. Pat provide an in-depth look at relapse, including signs, triggers, dealing with the emotions around relapse, how to support a loved one, and more. They want you to know that the door is always open, get back on the wagon.


Show Notes

1:25 “Get on the Wagon”, the age of Temperance, history and meaning
4:00 Here come the holidays, and we want to feel good
4:55 Relapse does not happen just like that
5:40 Cold Strawberry Soup, are you sober
7:00 Relapse starts with disconnect
8:35 Addiction is an illness
9:00 Propensity to overdo: food, gambling, shopping
9:40 Powerless over this and so life became unmanageable
9:30 A dangerous situation, over-doing, over and over again
10:05 Awareness is the first step
10:50 Do you shudder at the idea of no alcohol
11:15 There are so many people who don’t know relapse
12:30 Get back on the wagon
14:00 The recent news has triggered a rollercoaster of emotions
14:20 Major cause of relapse is emotions
14:33 Most common relapse risk factors
14:50 Status of wellbeing and signs of possible relapse
15:00 Parents, seeing patterns
16:25 Pity-pod
16:50 The reality of the times we are living in
18:00 New grief and finding new avenues for support
18:45 Relapse emotions, guilt, shame, remorse, pity-pod
19:00 Relapse, part of recovery?
19:40 You can’t forget who you are
20:00 The emotions around relapse bring us down
21:48 Learn from your mistakes
22:30 We have to get honest with ourselves
23:15 The doorway never closes
24:00 What to do if you see the signs in your partner
25:30 As long as you are alive there is hope
26:00 You lived through it
26:30 Message to family members
28:00 Trends, unprecedented times
29:10 Binge
30:00 Hope
35:30 Tips
40:00 Frame of mind
44:35 To the Loved Ones, Patience





Listen in on the conversation as we discuss relapse in-depth and opening the door to let the stigma out. In this episode, we are talking about what relapse is along with identifying the early warning signs, why people relapse, and the emotional toll relapse has on everyone involved. I am here to help you reframe relapse and get back on the wagon.



“As long as you are alive, there is hope”
“Is there something that I’m doing, over and over again, without the ability to stop, that is causing my
life to become unmanageable and interfering with everything around me?’
“When you relapse, you don’t lose your recovery, you lose your clean day”