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Let’s talk boomerang kids. The term boomerang kids hasn’t been around for long, but the term means adult children who move back home after a brief stint of independence (or those kids who move back home after college). I’ve noticed that this is now becoming super popular with the Gen Y and Gen Z generations, and I started wondering why it was happening. After doing a bit of research, and talking to my team member (and sometimes podcast co-host) Richard, I started realizing quite a bit about boomerang kids.

Why Is It Happening

The truth is, boomerang kids return home for a variety of reasons, and there is no one size fits all. Some move back home because they get into a lot of debt (mainly student loans) and can’t find a good job. Some move back home because their parents didn’t set them up for success and they did some really crazy things. Some move back home just for the convenience. I’ve also come to realize that some boomerang kids move back in to actually help their parents, or because it’s normal for the family to live this way.

Is It Normal

After talking to Richard, I know that boomerang kids are actually very common in our society to day. And I’ve also seen that in certain cultures, this has already been a common thing. But is it normal? Should boomerang kids be a normal thing? I guess that’s up to the individual family to decide.

The Pros & Cons

So what are the pros and cons to having a boomerang kid in your home?


They can help with the bills

A common pro would be that if your boomerang kid has a job, they can help with the bills. Sure, they may not be able to afford to live on their own, but they can certainly help you pay for the things they help increase. Some boomerang kids even pay their parents “rent”, and I really like that idea. This is still holding them responsible, and you don’t have to carry your weight plus theirs.

They can watch over the home 

If you travel a lot, or if you’re in your retirement phase and need some help with the home, this could be a great pro in having boomerang kids. If their living there, they can look over the home for you!

It can be a win-win situation 

In some family cases, boomerang kids is a win-win situation. They help cover the bills, you get help on the home, and no one has to worry about being homeless. However, this win-win situation is really only a win if everyone knows the rules and boundaries to living in YOUR home.


No freedom

For some of you parents with your boomerang kids still at home, you may feel like you no longer have freedom. You can’t walk around naked. You can’t cook at any time of the day if their in the kitchen making food. Your home won’t look exactly the way you want it to when it includes their stuff. Freedom is a precious thing, and it’s hard to get when you have an adult child living at home.

You may not want them there 

Ah, so your kid moved in, but you really don’t want them there. While some parents may be more than thrilled to have their son or daughter back in their home, some parents aren’t as happy. Maybe you were relieved to see them FINALLY leave the nest, only to have them come right back. Which leads us to….

Conflicts may happen 

If no one is really happy about the living situation, conflicts are bound to arise. You may start fighting more often. Things may get destroyed. You may very well sever your relationship with your boomerang kid.

What You Can Do About It

So, what can you do about these boomerang kids? Well here’s the simple answer. You either let them stay and make sure you have rules in place, or you tell them no. I know, I know, it can be hard to say no to your former babies, but your life shouldn’t revolve around them anymore. If you DO decide to let them stay with you, while there is nothing wrong with that, let them know what you expect up front.

So, are boomerang kids a bad thing? Not necessarily, but those that are entitled brats can be. So as long as your boomerang kid respects you and realizes that you’re offering a service to them, I think you’re all good to go.

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Boomerang Kids: Moochers or Normal?