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Debra K is an Emmy nominated television producer and founder of Well World TV.
Well World TV is the newest online TV network, sharing inspirational and educational stories to help us all live better, healthier, and happier lives. Debra’s journey to creating this network is filled with determination amidst crisis and grief. Listen to this powerful woman’s story of success and being a true Pushy Broad!
Debra K
CEO & Founder
WellWorld TV
Founder, Well World TV – Emmy Nominated and ADDY Award-Winning Executive Producer
YouTube: @Well World TV
FB: @Well World TV
Inst: Well World TV



2:26 From One Pushy Broad to another
4:37 Key Pivotal Moments that shaped Debra K’s life
6:20 Corporate lifestyle decisions make her physically ill.
11:43 A monumental career change
15:05 Personal Life Choices
18:23 The Spa and Massage World
20:16 Oprah Winfrey Invite
21:02 If I were a TV Show Host what would I do?
25:35 A True Epiphany Moment
36:00 The Success of WellWorld.TV
40:52 How Debra Pushed for more, developing an entire network.
45:43 An Inspiring Story, a Life Lesson through personal grief.
47:45 Emmy Nomination
48:56 Debra’s health and wellness regime
51:46 The 70/30 diet philosophy
53:02 Words of Wisdom for 35+


Debra K learned early on that success was a series of pivotal moments that she had to take advantage of. She stood out in a man’s world of corporate sales and although she was successful, that success cost her, her health.
After realizing epiphany moments and getting a very lucky break with the Oprah Winfrey organization, she embarked on her journey of true purpose and passion.
Follow Debra’s uphill and inspiring climb to the creation of her dreams and the beginning of WellWorld TV.


We never see the miracle we help evoke in other people’s lives – Debra
The only way I could be successful is to push and push and take on more! – Debra
The higher I went on the corporate ladder, the lower my health tanked. – Debra
Following your passion and your purpose. – Debra
There are all sorts of ways to be well. – Debra
Don’t burn a bridge because you might have to go crawling back -Debra
I went from 6 figures to nothing! – Debra
We put up most of our own roadblocks – Debra
If you believe that this has the power to positively change and impact people’s lives, who are you to not show up? – Debra
Don’t wait until everything is perfect – Just take the next step – Debra


WellWorld TV
Emmy nominated tv producer
Senior Moments and the Journey into Wellbeing- Two shows on PBS
The University of Florida
Valvoline Motor Oil
Lexington Kentucky
California Missouri Florida
Oprah Winfrey OWN Network
Deborah Szekely
Rancho La Puerta
The Mayo Clinic
Hot Yoga

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