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Want to know all about the Pushy Broad? This is the show that tells you who she is, what she does, and how she became a Woman who Pushed for More.


Show Notes

0:55 What P.U.S.H.Y Broad means to Ellen Stewart
3:29 What Ellen was like as a child, was she born a pushy broad
4:05 Ellen’s Father instills principals
5:45 What was Ellen’s mother like and how did she impact Ellen’s sense of self
7:41 Ellen’s Talent
8:31 Ellen’s travels, evolutions, and chapters of life
10:00 From teacher to traveler
14:35 What’s so great about traveling alone
15:35 Traveling solo shows you who you really are and what you really want
16:45 Ellen’s marriages, and the choice to be self-partnered
19:15 A woman can be extremely happy being single
20:40 Em shares that she was in a difficult relationship
21:05 How Ellen helped Em put herself first so she can discover who she is and what she really wants
23:00 What is compromise and sacrifice
25:00 Authenticity, and a calling
26:10 Recovery is a part of Ellen’s life and soul
28:00 Barely made it through the college years
29:02 The language of recovery was foreign to Ellen
29:50 Recovery education for family and friends
29:42 The realization, “that was me, me, me, me”
29:56 First Narcotics Recovery- cute guy
31:03 The importance of community in surviving sobriety
32:00 We can’t do it alone
32:20 Em shares what Ellen’s support meant during her darkest hour
35:36 Ellen holds Em accountable, the veil is lifted
36:15 Em sees she can change her own fate and destiny while Ellen stayed by 110%
37:05 Ellen’s Tenacity with clients comes from the perspective of an addict’s point of view
37:45 Understanding the addictive brain as a catalyst to support families affected by addiction
38:20 Ellen, as a pushy Broad will always be pulling clients forward toward emancipation
38:40 Em credits her ability to reach out to Ellen for being here today
40:00 Em reflects on who she was and how far she has come with the support of the Pushy Broad from the Bronx
41:05 Don’t stop until you can break free, there is a better way
42:10 Recovery coaching is vital even if you are not an addict
42:35 Women push for more for our kids, relationships, careers
42:55 Our goal is to inspire others to embrace their inner pushy broad
43:00 Em shares what her home environment was like growing up
44:30 Em is happiest on adventures, yet felt oppressed in her relationship
45:20 Em expresses how Ellen helped her realize it’s ok to push for more
46:35 You have to have a set of tools
47:00 Women have a far-reaching feeling that we must do something for someone else
47:30 It takes courage to say ‘this is no longer good for me’
47:50 There is help, and you know you need something more
48:10 “We’ll figure it out together” Ellen
48:30 You have no power to change it
48:42 Ellen has devoted 16 years to assist women who push for more, assisting people in recovery and those who are wondering about recovery
49:10 “There are ways to get out of the abyss, call me” Ellen
49:20 Pick up the phone and call 800.889.1757
49:35 This is the beginning of a new life
50:28 Accountability is important to evolve and live your most authentic life
52:35 Em looks forward to the coming year working with Ellen
53:00 Awareness and Emancipation is available to all PBB listeners
53:30 Being in recovery is part of the emancipation process, recovery back to good mental health
54:00 Every month we are focusing on a different tool to make recovery accessible to you
55:00 Awareness step means accepting that you are powerless, you decided you cannot change anyone else
55:20 Addictive thinking cycles
55:45 If your life is unmanageable or needs to change for the better
56:00 The Pushy Broad is here to tell you
56:23 Move forward with courage and with a community behind you
56:35 Join us in 2021
57:20 Recovery and addiction can be to a person or way of thinking
58:57 Live your best life in 2021
59:17 If you have something to say It is your duty on this earth to say it
1:00:18 Say to yourself, “I am going to take this first step”
1:00:25 Its time to be who you really are
1:00:35 “I promise I’m with you every step of the way”, Ellen


Maybe I’m more surprised than you are, but I never would have thought I would be the guest on my own show being interviewed, but here I am.

I am so fortunate to have created a team of women who also push for more. Our team got together, and they decided who ought to be the first guest of 2021, and it was Pushy Broad herself! I am so honored to do this for all of you. I will be interviewed by our very own team member Emma Lock, who you probably know as Emzotic. Emma not only supports our team here, she is also a former client and will be sharing what it was like to work with me in that capacity as well. Emma will tell you how my supporting her as she Pushed for More in her life impacted her way forward. Come on by at 5pm EST on Wednesday, January 6 to learn more about Pushy Broad from the Bronx, who I am, how I came to be, what I do, and more importantly, how I help. Emma is going to ask some personal questions about my relationships with my parents and partners, my careers and experiences, and what brought me to coaching at this time in my life. Emma will also share some of her own personal experiences of working with me at a time in her life when she needed a little push. I am beyond excited to share with you all.


Staten Island, Forgotten Borough
Narcotics Anonymous