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Roshini Cope, a.k.a Glamazini, the Viral VLOGGER, Light & Laughter Creator, is having a conversation with the Pushy Broad from the Bronx!
All of her fans get to see a side of her that is surprising and delightful!  If you didn’t know her before, be prepared to love her now! A Must Listen!!!

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IG: @Glamazini
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00:03:19 – Hair Journey Genesis
00:09:58 – Impact on others
00:15:36 – Fears
00:21:26 – Pineapples
00:24:04 – Mangoes
00:27:30 – ini
00:29:38 – Madonna & Billy Porter
00:35:45 – being a mom to a son with special needs
00:49:30 – pushing for more: pregnancy, depression, being tall
01:02:00 – depression is not a finite label
01:07:48 – next steps
01:14:35 – words of wisdom


Glamazini regales us with how her hair journey started online which makes her one of the OG of the online Natural Hair Journey, sharing light and laughter with everyone, and why pineapples are so important. Find out about Roshini Cope’s name and how she learned so much about spina bifida myelomeningocele, chiari II malformation, and hydrocephalus. Learn more about depression and how it can impact a person’s life and demeanor. Come join us on the growth journey of Roshini ‘Glamazini’ Cope.


“Here I am trying to show up and I’m already present.” – Roshini
“I’m attempting to show up and I’m already here.” – Roshini
“Movement is my first language.” – Roshini
“The opposite of depression is expression.” – Roshini
“Depression is the opposite of expression.” – Roshini
“Singers sing, dancers dance, and vloggers vlog.” – Roshini’s friend
“Journey of seeking.” – Roshini
“Seekers find.” – Roshini
“You can affect your experience of depression.” – Roshini
“Create a great day.” – Roshini


Cortney Robinson, Producer
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
HTML for Dummies
Al Gore’s internet
Perrier pineapple seltzer
Perrier pineapple and mango
neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (etv)
intrauterine surgeries
ventriculo-peritoneal (vp) shunt

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