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Sara Carson, a world-famous dog trainer, became known to fans of America’s Got Talent for her elaborate trick show, which she performed alongside her border collie, Hero. She talks to the Pushy Broad about her early beginnings, her experience on AGT, her true love of dogs, and her new dog training app called Puppr.
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01:25.00 – Growing up in North Bay Ontario Canada
02:15.00 – Dog training passion began
04:17.670 – Unconditional love between dogs and humans
06:42.661 – Move to California to do performances with a border collie
07:24.565 – Sara as a strong and independent woman
08:53.921 – Lived in a car for three years
13:05.808 – Learning to live small and being compact micro life
13:39.979 – Traveling circus touring
14:56.611 – In America for 4 years and counting
16:08.342 – Competing in shows across the USA. Now performing teaching and training
17:20.410 – Sophie trains Cesar Milan’s dog Sophia to Dance
18:25.623 – Advice to Women about following your passion
21:28.870 – AGT Competition 2017 First appearance on stage with Hero and Loki
23:44.374 – Quarter-Final AGT 2017 Tomb Raider Sketch introducing Loki
24:58.476 – All about Hero and Loki
26:22.413 – Loki gets sick
28:32.342 – Sara is also a Cat Person – Meet Goose
30:29.941 – Sara breaks the glass ceiling
31:19.870 – Stress and anxiety of Social Media Popularity
33:36.099 – New steps and new Puppr app to train dogs.
37:18.072 – On the road again


Sara Carson talks freely about her North Bay Ontario Canada childhood and some of the difficulties she experienced in having her career as a Dog Trick Trainer taken seriously by her parents, especially her mom. She offers great insight as to what she means by being a woman of strength and determination. We learn about her 3 years of living in a car with her dogs touring from place to place doing shows in the States and how much her dogs give her the unconditional love she needs. She also shares some personal thoughts about her time on America’s Got Talent where she placed 5th in the Quarter Finals in 2017. Get a true glimpse of Sara Carson’s life, then and now!


“I had an easy upbringing because my mom just left me alone” – Sara
“I was pushed at a very young age to be independent and that’s what gave me all of those skills to be independent.” – Sara
“I didn’t realize how small Canada was” – Sara
“If you want to do something, just do it.” – Sara
“If you know you have a passion for something and good at it just do it!” – Sara
“Pushing my spaniels harder to get to a higher level just to impress my stepdad” – Sara
“I have a lot of people not believe in me or not understand it, so when the judges (Mel B and Howie) didn’t understand it, that was hard. “ – Sara
“There were no difficult dogs only inexperienced owners” – Barbara Woodhouse
“There are difficult dogs” – Sara
“There are no stubborn or lazy dogs, just so not-trained owners”- Sara
“I love love love performing. That’s like, that’s my drug” – Sara


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