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Sarah Stewart, MSW, CPC is the owner of Sarah Stewart Consulting. After spending 25 years in healthcare, Sarah made the leap and opened her own business. As a life coach she helps women achieve their goals and make changes and as an author she entertains.

I’ve been fortunate to have strong female mentors my whole life. I think that combined with events that happened when I was young, really prepared me to have the confidence to take some risks and push through the harder days.

Writing and publishing books felt very scary and risky initially because I was putting my work out to the world to judge. I think that’s important because often people don’t achieve their goals because of fear, fear of failure or rejection and then if they get rejected they hang on to resentments and all of that keeps people stuck.

Writing a book is so similar to any other big goal. Most people know where they are starting and what that might look like and they know where they want to end up… but the middle is where the true grind, work, and tenacity come in.

Broken in the Back Bay, published May, 2015
Strangers on Newbury Street, published January, 2016
Love Along the Esplanade, published April 2019

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