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The Daily Empowerment Journal: 30 Days Of Prompts To Self-Discovery (e-book)

Download and print this Daily Empowerment Journal as you begin the journey to self-discovery. 

The easy to follow questions will help you reflect and guide you with the next steps to start taking action. 

Get ready over the next 30 days to feel more empowered, accountable and self-aware with an in-depth look at how to truly rediscover your identity.

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She brings to the surface fundamental truths and gently helps you feel them, and then think them, for yourself. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift. She’s a beautiful soul and I can honestly say that she quickly, very quickly, became a mentor and a friend. I hope to stay in touch for the rest of our long lives.

Jennifer Gagis - New Jersey

Ellen Stewart has been and continues to be a transformational “life coach” for me. She has changed my life tremendously and put me on a path of success, well-being and contentment!”

Jane P. - Pennsylvania