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Let me help you cope with our Current Reality

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has spread to close to 60 countries and all 50 of our United States.

This is a new reality for all of us, as we are instructed to maintain social distancing and, in many cases, shelter at home directives as our towns, cities and states are on lockdown.

By no means is this natural behavior for anyone of us. Human beings thrive on human contact. Despite our advances in technology and our ability to stay in touch, we now know that it does not replace human touch and face to face interaction.

We are just beginning to experience the Psychosocial aspects of this devastating disease. We are feeling afraid, helplessness and vulnerable. Our thoughts take us on a roller coaster of emotions. Stress, anxiety, panic, and a fear of the unknown has now become part of our everyday lives. We feel a sense of loss of control and worry about the future.

As we are all instructed to stay at home for the weeks to come, we can use this time to strengthen our health both physically and mentally. The stronger we are mentally, the easier it gets to cope with circumstances beyond our control.

I am here to help you cope emotionally.

This is the time to seek help. I am offering a free 30-minute virtual coaching call so that you and I can talk about this together. Let me help you improve and fortify your emotional resilience.

The Pushy Broad From the Bronx is here for you.

Please take advantage of this 30-minute free session. Appointments will go fast, make an appointment today.