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Some people love and want a lot of kids, some people love kids but aren’t ready (or don’t want) to have them, and some people hate kids and would never had them. Having kids is a personal choice, and you shouldn’t let people tell you otherwise. But how do you answer someone when they ask you about such a personal decision?

Tell Them Having Kids Is A Personal Choice

First things first, why is it anyone’s business about whether or not you want kids? Having kids is a personal choice, so that’s exactly what you can tell someone if they ask. It’s okay to say “Having kids is personal, and I’m not so sure whether I want to share that information or not”. This typically works best with coworkers, colleagues, acquaintances, etc., but you could use this phrase for friends and family too.

Tell Them You’re Waiting

If you love kids, but aren’t sure if you want them or not, or if you’re just not ready, you can answer whoever asks you this question by saying you’re waiting. Maybe you’re waiting for the right time, the right partner, the right circumstances. Maybe you love kids, but still aren’t too keen of having them just yet. No matter what, it’s okay to wait. It’s also okay to tell someone that you’re waiting. Even if they question it, you don’t have to answer more than that.

Tell Them You Just Don’t Want Them

Having kids is a personal choice right? So what’s wrong with not wanting them? Absolutely nothing is wrong. Not everyone person wants to have kids, and that’s okay! So if someone asks you when you plan on having kids, or if you want them, it’s okay to say no! I love a blunt and honest person, and if you’re that type of person, don’t let people silence your opinion or choice. It is your body after all!

Be Honest

No matter what, it’s okay to be honest with those around you, whether they are close friends, or people you barely know. Honesty is the best policy after all, so don’t be afraid to tell anyone how you really feel about kids and if you want them or not!

Don’t Give Into The Pressure

Even if people are telling you that kids are the best thing to ever happen to them, it’s okay to not want them. If people tell you not to have kids because it will end all of the fun, it’s okay to still want a baby. It’s important to think about you and what YOU want. No one else matters. No one’s opinions matter but your own, especially when it comes to bringing (or not bringing) life into this world.

So there you have it. Having kids is a personal choice, and if anyone asks you why you are having them or why you aren’t, you’ll be able to answer them! While kids can be cute and cuddly, they can also be a handful. It’s up to you to decide if you want them or not.


Having Kids Is A Personal Choice (& How You Should Answer People When They Ask)