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Invest In Yourself Synopsis: When you invest in something, you believe it has value. We invest in everything, but sometimes we forget to invest in ourselves. Here’s how to start investing in yourself and build your own value and confidence.

Highlights Of The Show:

  • Everybody Needs A Little Push: I’ve devoted my time and energy to building a successful business. Now I want to take those tools, resources, and opportunities and invest in myself. How do I do that? [4:51]
  • No or Yes: I invest in my family and my kids. Isn’t that all I really need? [10:07]
  • Ten Minutes of Tears: What do you do when you can’t seem to find the time to take care of yourself? [14:23]
  • I’m Talking Here: To invest in yourself is to cultivate and nurture who you are. [16:57]

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Hosted By: Ellen Stewart

Produced By: Ellen Stewart & Richard Torres

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048: Invest In Yourself