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Fascinating and thought-provoking interviews with a relationship coach and a love coach talking about how to survive quarantine with your partner.

We also have the video recording used for this podcast below!

Stephanie Lantin
Stef Lantin, Relationship Coach

Stef helps women to (re)discover who they are and what they want. She also supports them to create a solid foundation and a deeper connection with their current or future partner.

She works principally with expats women all over the world in English and in French.

Her coaching is based on 5 pillars: Healing and learning from your past; Self love; Trust; Communication; Mindset.



Nicole Elissa
Nicole Elissa, Love Coach

Nicole Elissa is an Intuitive Transformational Love Coach who helps women from all over the world be seen and loved for who they are.

She helps women connect with their intuition to know how to attract the man of their dreams and how to use their intuition in their relationship to bring both partners closer together in intimacy and in union.

Nicole Elissa is bilingual and works with clients in English and in Spanish.



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