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Take a look at what people are saying about Pushy Broad from the Bronx.

As a result of the time I spent with Ellen, I can gratefully say that she helped me understand that I was the one who needed to take responsibility for my life and actions. She is tough but one of the most endearing people I have ever met.

She taught me how to hold myself accountable and the importance of living I’m the moment. Do yourself a favor and choose Ellen as your life coach. I did and I’m a happier & healthier person because of it.

Gabrielle B. - New Jersey

She brings to the surface fundamental truths and gently helps you feel them, and then think them, for yourself. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift. She’s a beautiful soul and I can honestly say that she quickly, very quickly, became a mentor and a friend. I hope to stay in touch for the rest of our long lives.

Jennifer Gagis - New Jersey

I hired Ellen as a coach 5 years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she superseded my expectations.

Her knowledge and experience is not to be compared. Her words of wisdom and guidance have changed my life immensely. I would highly recommend her!

Deborah Macchio - New York

I had an amazing, awesome session with Ellen today. She opened my eyes to things that I haven’t thought of in years. She is awesome and I can’t wait to get started on my new journey.
Thank you, Ellen!

Nicole Searles

Ellen worked with my Brother as a recovery coach. She was a huge support for the whole family. I don’t know how we would have gotten through without her! She’s a Gem! 

Sabrina Jade - New York

Working with Ellen was a pleasure!
She always had the right words. Her level of care, concern and support is above and beyond.

Gino M. - New York

Ellen coached my wife through a very difficult time. I don’t know how other coaches operate, but Ellen’s role in my wife’s recovery was outstanding. She’s an amazing and talented woman. I give her a 10.

Steven M. - Long Island, New York

Ellen Stewart has been and continues to be a transformational “life coach” for me. She has changed my life tremendously and put me on a path of success, well-being and contentment!

I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who truly wants to transform their lives and walk the path of life with confidence, strength, and inner peace! She is the one to “coach” you towards that “winning season!”

Jane P. - Pennsylvania

I have worked and referred to Ellen Stewart over the last few years.  I greatly value her experience as a life coach because she is able to work hand in hand with me in reinforcing the behavioral goals for my clients. 

As a family therapist I often rely on adjunct modalities and Ellen is able to keep my clients on task by working intensely with them on their career goals or life skill achievements.  I appreciate the collaborative effort of a life coach to help families and clients achieve their goals.

Rick Shugart, MFT

There is no better way to start off your busy Saturday morning before you have to run around after kids sport than a phone call from Ellen. What a truly smart intuitive woman she is and how lucky we are to able to support other women on the other side of the world !! Thank you so much Ellen for your time and I will work on everything you told me and let everyone know how I go !! Have a fabulous weekend everyone

Melanie T. - Pennsylvania

Ellen is a gifted woman who clearly had a calling for life coaching- Thank you Ellen for all you’ve done for my family!

Christine Scafidi - New York