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Called the “great American romantic” by the New York Times, Edwin McCain has built an enviable career over the past 20 years by balancing his massive pop success with the year-round touring schedule of a tireless troubadour. His hit songs, authentic spirit, and surprisingly affable sense of humor keep fans coming back time and time again for nights that feel more like parties with old friends than rock concerts. After recording two of the biggest love songs in the history of pop music, “I’ll Be” and “I Could Not Ask For More” McCain now performs upwards of 100 shows annually throughout the US as a solo artist, with his full band or his acoustic trio.

1:00 “I’ll Be”
1:25 The Great American Romantic
2:00 Christmas 2020 In the McCain family
3:35 Adopted and Adopted son
5:00 Political differences
7:00 Restorer of old things
9:00 New York and New England mentality “Get it done”
10:00 Bless your Heart is not a compliment
11:00 Edwin McCain’s Teenage years
11:45 Oppositional Defiance
12:35 Dyslexia, ADD
12:45 Traditional school and the culture of our youth
13:30 Generation X unsupervised
14:40 Indicator for teens who could have alcohol problems
16:50 Substance abuse and creative i9nfluence
17:25 Safety rules for addictions
18:10 Fans, People pleasing, and alcohol dependence
18:50 After the Tours and Detoxing
20:30 Writing music under the influence
22:00 Music Industry accepts substance use and overuse
22:50 Entrepreneur and other interests in sobriety
23:35 Recovery is more than refraining from drink/drug
25:30 15 years in sobriety and life is rich with other things
26:00 “Sober” lyrics by Maia Sharp
29:40 Music changes with age
31:56 Edwin McCain plays a song he wrote for his daughter before she was born
35:45 Have guitar will travel
38:55 Pandemic and a year off
39:41 Side Hustle – Nomad Land Management
41:40 Recovery advice, the sooner you can approach recovery the better
42:50 Rock Bottom, when you decide to quit digging
44:00 There are a lot of ways to recover, sobriety coach, rehab, get off the next exit
46:10 Where there’s breath, there’s hope
47:30 Treatment works
49:00 Edwin McCain plays out “I’ll Be”


Edwin McCain, illustrious singer/songwriter of “I’LL Be” and “I Could Not Ask For More” talks candidly with the Pushy Broad about his struggle to Recovery and his 20-year music career.
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